Lunch Sandwiches

all served after 11:30 and with chips

Parisian 8

Virginia ham, Swiss cheese, house made butter, cornichons, served on a warm house made baguette

El Cubano 9

roasted pork, Virginia ham, pickle girl bread & butter pickles, mustard, Swiss cheese, served on a warm house made baguette

The Grilled Cheese 7

roasted poblano, spinach, tomato jam, smoked gouda, red onion, butter, served on a brioche bun

Other Treats

Healthy Start 7

house made granola, non fat greek yogurt, strawberry, banana, local honey

The Avocado Toast 6

toasted house made multigrain bread, avocado, creme cheese, melted cheddar, cape may sea salt

Frenchman's Quiche 9

(served with leafs salad and our vinaigrette)

spinach and feta

bacon and cheddar


Banana Nut 8

Very Berry 8

bakery menu

Baked Goods $3


cinnamon rolls

sticky buns with nuts

butter buns

Cape May Sea Salt Baked Pretzels

traditional with Sea Salt and our homemade mustard

Other Baked Specialties

seasonal muffin w/ butter or jelly

warm seasonal scone w/ butter or jelly

warm lemon pound cake w/ butter or jelly

warm banana bread w/ butter or jelly

warm coffee cake 

Morning Sandwiches

served all day

Traditional 6

egg, cheddar, Virginia ham, served on brioche bun

American 6

egg, cheddar, bacon, Jersey jam, served on brioche bun

Chorizo Torta 6.5 

egg, cheddar, house made chorizo, poblano pepper, onion, tomato jam, served on brioche bun

ABLT 6.5

​bacon, avocado, arugula, tomato jam, on our croissant 


toasted banana bread sammy, peanut butter, house made seasonal jam, local honey

Ham + Cheese 6.5

swiss cheese, ham, served on our croissant

Coffee Bar

Latte 3.5/4.5
moist steam milk + espresso shot 

Dulce de Latte 3.5/4.5
latte + caramel

Chocolatte 3.5/4.5
latte + chocolate

Cappuccino 3.5/4.5
espresso + milk foam​

Americano 3.5/4.5
espresso + american coffee

American 1.5/2.5
regular filter coffee

Espresso 2.5
Double Espresso 3
Iced Coffee 2/2.5/3
Tea 2.5/3
Iced Tea 1.5/2/3