Cakes, Pies, & Dessert 

Flourless Cake (8 inches) $30

gluten free, dark chocolate, and fig

High Top Carrot Cake (8 inches) $30

cream cheese icing

Strawberry Shortcake (8 inches) $35

vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, and whipped cream

Seasonal Cobbler (10 inches) $32

ask about the seasonal preparation 

Fruit Tart (12 inches) $30

homemade crust, fresh seasonal fruit

Pumpkin Pie (10 inches) $25

pumpkin custard, spices, homemade crust 

Apple Pie (10 inches) $25 

fresh apples, spices, homemade crust

Pecan Pie $32

pecan custard, spices, homemade crust

Birthday Cakes

8 inch (8-10 slices) $30

10 inch (12-16 slices) $40

12 inch (16-20 slices) $48

monster size double layer (40+ slices) $100

Step 1: Choose your cake

vanilla or chocolate

Step 2: Choose your filling

cream of mocha, dark chocolate, vanilla butter cream, creamy chocolate mousse, or raspberry jam

Step 3: Icing*

To place your custom order, please send an email 48 hours in advance to 

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